School Behavior Ideas

How to Improve School Behavior

Prices as Low as 32 cents Each

School Behavior motivational rewards to improve student, classroom and school behavior.

School Behavior Incentive Patches are an easy, inexpensive and fun way to motivate good school behavior. They are a positive approach and can easily be used to improve school behavior, effort, attitude and grades.

School Behavior Incentive Patches are effective for school, students, children and adults. They can motivate good school behavior, grades, effort, improvement, or whatever your objectives are.

We sell our motivational reward patches to schools for as little as 32 cents each. Shipping to schools in the U.S. is inexpensive and we will ship large orders by Express Mail at no additional cost.

We Can Invoice Schools: We are glad to set up an account for your school and can send an invoice along with the patches. Schools can place an order by calling our toll-free number. Because our patch designs are copyrighted, most schools can order from us without getting competitive bids.

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"I have been using the reward patches this week in my classes and the kids are nearly fighting over them to get one! Great way of motivating them." Aled, Physical Education Director

"I give the patches as incentive rewards to encourage motivation and to work hard." Kelle, Riverside Christian School

"Our PTA board loved your reward patches! I'll be calling next week to place an order of 4,000." Anita, PTA Board Member, Texas Elementary School

"Our school used the patches last year for reward incentives and they were a big hit. We ran out twice, so we decided to buy 3,000 this time around. Our purchasing office will be in touch with you soon." Christi, California Elementary School

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